Juice PLUS+®

Juice Plus

Fitwell Training are delighted to be associated with Juice PLUS+, a natural and healthy way to achieve your five-a-day.

What is it?

Juice PLUS+® is much more than a product containing vitamins and minerals, as it is based on whole foods, using nutrient-rich varieties of fruit, vegetables and berries.

The Science

Everyday our bodies are attacked with free radicals which are a by-product of daily metabolism. Our bodies naturally produce anti-oxidants to stabilise these dangerous, free radical particles that attack the integrity of our bodies cells. However, there becomes an imbalance of these due to modern life and the environment we all live in. Lots of things increase free radical numbers such as pollution, smoking, our water supply, processed foods, cleaning chemicals and many more. Exercise also increases free radical numbers and the only way we combat these is to increase our intake of natural antioxidant Phytonutrients. The major source for these are fruits, vegetables and berries. An increased intake of fruits and vegetables provides a ‘crash helmet’ for our bodies cells against free radical damage and is natures way of protecting our bodies and prevent early ageing of our cells.

The Products

Juice PLUS+® Complete can be used for athletes and regular gym users on a daily basis. It is made from the highest quality ingredients that are completely natural and is nothing other than fruit and vegetable based. It gives your body the foods and nutrients it needs to function and repair optimally. Juice PLUS+® is used by many professional sports people including the Swiss and German Olympic teams, Anna Ivanovic, Marco Delvecchio, Paralympic Gold medal winner Mark Colbourne as well as numerous professional football clubs.

Juice PLUS+® Complete is used as a pre workout energy drink and a post workout recovery and repair drink by many. It is also used as a convenient and inexpensive way for athletes and gym users to increase and improve their daily nutritional intake from a clean and natural source whilst gaining an influx of vital nutrients to allow your body to ‘fire on all cylinders’. By excluding bulking agents and other low quality ingredients your body is free to process and use the protein and carbohydrates in the Complete more efficiently, thus explaining why it is more biologically available than other protein based powders.

The capsules are 26 different fruits and vegetables that have been dried out at a low temperature to maintain the integrity of the phytonutrients present in fruits and vegetables and then crushed.

The capsules have been proven by several independently reviewed studies to reduce oxidative stress on the body induced by intense exercise. Therefore supplementation with Juice PLUS+® arms the body with all the phytonutrients to repair itself ready for the next training session, reducing those soreness levels.

The capsules have also been proven to reduce inflammation by up to 41% thus improving recovery time from injuries and heavy intense resistance training.

There are many other studies showing the benefits of supplementation with Juice PLUS+® on a daily basis. These include an improved immune system, increased DNA integrity and healthy skin and gums. These can be found at the Juice Plus website should you wish to read any further.

For those who require a boost to their weight loss goals and a kickstart to your healthy living lifestyle, nutritionists and experts have put together a weight loss Programme designed to give you structure and insight.

For more information on Juice PLUS+® and its products please contact your Fitwell Trainer or Fitwell Training’s Juice PLUS+® Personal Coach Marc Fretwell on 07718 983981.